Thermally Conductive Silicones

Thermally conductive silicones are used to dissipate unwanted heat. Most electronic components produce heat when in use. The unwanted heat has to be dissipated away from the components to maintain performance and avoid premature failure of the components or device.  The need for efficient transfer of heat has become a key design requirement as components continue to reduce in size and increase in power, this is particularly apparent with microchip processors, LED's and power packs.

Designs will vary but in essence all involve some form of heat sink to dissipate the heat away from the active components. It is the interface between the heat sink and component that calls for the use of thermal transfer compounds, without their use any air gaps that exist will act as an insulator and prevent heat escaping.

These thermal transfer silicones come in a wide variety of forms; liquid adhesives, pastes, gels, potting compounds, sheets, rolls, and pads. They also utilise an equally large array of chemistries. Choice of material will be driven by a combination of factors including:

  • Thermal requirements
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Environmental operating conditions
  • Need for additional functionality
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