Textile Silicone - Elastomers

1-Part RTV Silicones have been designed for use in coating the fabrics used in the hosiery and medical industries. These flowable silicones will settle into the fabric and create a permanant adhesive bond. The rehology has been balanced to allow penetration of the fabric without allowing the silicone to strike through on the reverse side. This feature is especially important for hosiery applications where the silicone is applied to elasticated lace with an open weave.

Silicone has natural grip when in contact with the skin, this feature makes it ideal for applying to hosiery and medical appliances that are held in place through pressure exerted by the elastic and grip against the skin. Silicone will not cause irritation or discomfort to the wearer.

Silicone coatings are also applied to the surface of high strength fibreglass fabrics which are woven to provide beautiful, yet extremely functional canopies, membranes and curtains used in a variety of sporting, social, leisure and working locations. Silicone is used to coat the fibreglass fabric to provide weather protection and make it easier to handle.

Advantages of using a silicone coating:

•             Flexibility from -50°C to +200°C,

•             Resistant to water and the harmful effects of UV rays.

•             Filters out harmful UVB light while letting light through

•             100% solid compounds - no harmful solvents

•             Improvements in shine or its ability to shed dirt

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