ICM Products Inc. was founded in 1989 by Ken Charboneau and has grown into an industry leader in custom manufacture  of silicones in a variety of forms, including emulsions, micro beads, liquids, gums and gels. ICM Products was purchased in January 2012 by Century Park Capital Partners with the aim of growing the silicones technology base together with sales through organic growth and acquisitions.

In a short period of time, potential acquisitions were identified the first being Path Silicones who manufactured a complementary range of specialist silicone polymers.

In April 2014 the purchase of the Amber Chemical Company was finalized bringing with it new silicone technologies and geographical coverage. Included were Quantum Silicones (Richmond, VA) and Siovation (Atlanta, GA) ACC Silicones (UK) Treco (Milan, Italy) and Amber Silicones (Tianjin, China)

The close synergies between ICM Products and Siovation resulted in consolidating both operations into the  Cassopolis, MI facility. 

Recent investments during January 2016 resulted in the opening of new R&D laboratory facilities at ICM Products and ACC Silicones further strengthening the technical resource available to all ICM Silicones Group customers.