Group Overview

The ICM Silicones Group consists of five specialist silicone compounders located in the USA, United Kingdom, Italy and China. Each company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICM Products Inc, who are in turn owned by Century Park Capital Partners, a private equity investment business based in Los Angeles El Segundo, California, USA.

Silicone expertise across the group extends to emulsions, antifoams, micro beads, liquids, gums, gels, fluids, adhesives, potting compounds and encapsulants, elastomers and thermal interface materials. The group is focused on suppling these products into the aerospace, automotive, electronics, LED, renewable energy, molding, food and chemical processing, personal care industries.

Extensive technical resources are shared throughout the group, thereby providing our customers with a wealth of product and application knowledge backed up by state of the art testing facilities. Our production facilities are as versatile as silicone we produce, offering custom formulations that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.